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layers button That drawn board piece is not interfering with drawing of pawn, click on layer button in left menu.
layers visibility selection Unselect checkboxes next to the board and A1.
drawing tree with invisible layer

To draw a pawn you should have prepared tree with selected pawn. In the tree click on the key next to the board and collapse board structure. Then click on pawn.

Pawn will consist of head, body and bottom.

circle button


Click on the circle button and then draw a circle. Select the shape (click on shape or click in the tree on its name). Remember, select tool is set when you click on the right mouse button over drawing board.

drawn circle
In the properties change fillColor to white. If you don't want to change color of each shape individually, click on color button and set color for filling. Each new shape will have this properties.
polygon button


Click on the polygon button and select triangle. Draw triangle.

drawn circle and polygon
Select the shape and use move and rotate in top menu to fit the position, use scale for size. You can also use the blue dots visible by select. Hold left mouse button over it and you can move the point. If the blue square is too small, click on set button and in option dialog you can change its size. You should end with similar picture.


Click on the rectangle, draw rectangle and select the shape. With moving blue dots make desired shape. Remember, any time you can use zoom on the left menu to get better view of the picture.

white pawn with board
In the right bottom click on the style button and select all three shape for pawn. In layers make board piece visible and with the help of move and scale fit pawn to the board. Change name to white pawn.

Black pawn.

Copy pawn (select pawn, in popup chose copy, paste it to chess) and change name to black pawn. Select shape and change fill to black. You have to do it one by one. Multi change is not supported yet.