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Ideas how to improve chess svg player.

Souce code for chess notation player.

I wrote the code engine for chess notation player in Java and then I translated it to Javascript. Its free for everybody, I would appreciate if you mention where you get the source from, I would even more appreciate improvements of this code. If you have any ideas for improvement of HTML, JavaScript or SVG code, please, let me know: draw4free@gmail.com. How to work with jars see here, the Java source was created with NetBeans 5.5, for conversion to javascript was used Eclipse with Adobe JsEclipse and later NetBeans 6.0

chessNotationPlayerSource javaScript file translated from Java files. To see this code in action click here.
chessNotationPlayerSource java files (below in table) packed in the jar file

Sources - java code
Bishop.java BishopTest.java
Board.java BoardTest.java
CurrentMoveInfo.java CurrentMoveInfoTest.java
EntryLine.java EntryLineTest.java
Game.java GameTest.java
King.java KingTest.java
Knight.java KnightTest.java
Move.java MoveTest.java
Pawn.java PawnTest.java
Piece.java PieceTest.java
Queen.java QueenTest.java
Rook.java RookTest.java
Square.java SquareTest.java