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The chess board consists from 8 times 8 squares, what is 64. 32 are white ones, 32 are black or dark ones. Although they seem the same, each is unique. Each has different name e.g. A1 or H8. Let's take one square. Left bottom square is named A1 and is black or dark.

drawing tree with board layer
Click on "board" in the drawing tree. Again click with the right mouse button and add another layer. Name it A1.
rectangle button
Now we can draw the square. Click on the rectangle tool button in the right tool menu.
drawn rectangle
Draw rectangle in the middle.
rectangle properties

Now let's consider the size of the square. This version of program allows only pixel (usually 0.26 or 0.29 mm) size. So whatever you draw, e.g. rectangle 100 times 100 will be in real life small. Don't worry. You can later resize your drawing. For now just remember, that 1 will be in reality 1 pixel.

Now click on the right bottom Properties to the field next to the "counter". For rectangle you will get four points (0, 1, 2, 3). After you set desired point in counter, click on x or y coordinates and appropriate point (x, y) values will show up. Set points for rectangle to (0, 0), (0, 10), (10, 10) and (10, 0). The rectangle will be in left bottom corner, as default size is set to (0, 30). This default size is drawn with black rectangle (better visible if you e.g. zoom or pan). This size can be changed in set.

outline fill dialog
Then click on lineColor value. In dialog click no outline checkbox and OK. Click outside the rectangle so it is not selected (drawn in blue dashed line). The A1 field will be only gray square. Or you can leave outline black. Its up to you.
To the middle of the square place point. Click on the color in properties and set No fill and No outline. The point will be used for snaping pieces in added functionality. For picture itself it has no meaning.
completed drawing of tree for board Continue adding another squares. Click on board layer with right mouse button, in popup chose insert. Name layer and add rectangle and point. There is better way to add suares. Select a1, click right mouse button and click on select copy. Click on board and paste a1 - copy to it. Rename the copy to desired name and change coordinates of shapes. Unfortunately grid is not build in yet, so if we want to draw exact shape, we have to use properties to set coordinates.