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drawing chess bishop base

For drawing the bishop we can reuse the bottom piece from the previous drawing. Click on the bottom, it will be selected. In the drawing tree use mouse right button click to get popup menu and select copy. Then select Bishop layer and in popup menu select paste.

drawing chess bishop body

Now we can draw bishop's body. Draw polyline and two arcs. Select all shapes. You can select (select mode get by right mouse button) more shapes by enveloping them with rubber band in the drawing window or by holding Ctrl and clicking on shapes names in drawing tree. Remember, only shapes from one layer can be selected, as we draw object oriented picture.

drawing chess bishop body

Now click on group tool button. Selected shapes will create on group shape. Don't forgot to change fill color to white and cap and join to round, as the default values were taken by creating group.

drawing chess bishop head

Create nice black head.

finished bishop drawing

To the middle of bishop draw black cross. The best is to use properties for exact coordinates. This cross will be reused by king's drawing. In the middle of bishop place snap point. And we are done with white bishop.
To get black bishop, select layer "white bishop", from popup select "select Subtree" and copy it. In copy change name to black bishop and in shapes change fill colors to opposite ones (black to white and white to black).